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Publication Design

The project consisted of two parts with the main theme of unforeseen acts of publishing.


[Publish] (verb): 

1a to produce (a book, newspaper, etc) or release (it) for sale or distribution to the public. b to print (information, an article, a letter, etc) in a book, newspaper, etc) c to issue the work of (an author). 2a to make information generally known. b to announce (something) publicly. 3 to communicate (something libellous or defamatory about somebody) to another person. 


From investigating and discussing the topic of unforeseen acts of publishing in our day-to-day lives, I drew my attention to unintentional publishing, in particular, these natural acts are tiny to notice and we often did not recognise them as acts of publishing.  I identified the most unintentional acts of publishing happen during our unconscious state, can be as common as sleeping.  When we sleep, we often ignore our habits and detailed acts happening while sleeping. 

The first publication, Not Only Sleeping, Part One, illustrates my personal experiences of sleeping and my unintentional acts of publishing during my sleep every night. From exaggerating the movement, recreating my dreams of comparing the memory before and after sleep.

The concept of the second publication, Not Only Sleeping but Talking, Part Two, was distilled from the content of the first publication, I was particularly interested in sleep talking, one of the unforeseen acts of publishing when asleep. Dig into the phycological side of sleep talking, I looked into the iceberg metaphor suggested by Sigmund Freud, in the model as he suggested, Only 10% of an iceberg is visible (conscious) whereas the other 90% is beneath the water stayed invisible (preconscious and unconscious). Playing with the idea of making the visible less dominant and making the hidden more visible later became the core concept of the design. 

The publication includes analysis of people’s real experiences of sleep talking that I collected from twitter and the internet and people’s response to the speeches. With the aid of natural language processing and semantic difference scaling, I analysis the attitude of the unconscious and conscious text. Hence, using the graphical element to visualise the data, in order to deliver artistic comparison of those two level of awareness.