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One-day Assistant

Augmented reality game design / Product design

This is a collaborative project with The Old Theatre Museum and Herb Garret in London, the design brief was to challenge the existing role of museum and design a digital outcome to enhance visitor’s experience at the museum.

The Old Operating Theatre was housed in the attic of the early eighteenth-century church of the old St Thomas' Hospital, this atmospheric museum offers unique insight into the history of medicine and surgery. Instead of changing the environment which was curated with attention and purposes, the designer chose to cooperate with the unique antique atmosphere and the historical exhibit through the use of interactive AR game design. 

The purpose of the project is to educate the audience through entertainment through the approach of learning by doing. The design aims to encourage the audience to engage with the collection, as well as provide information by interactive approaches social effect to boost more visits and attention on the social media platform. The game design acts as an enhancement in the digital and the physical aspects by creating an extra layer of content in augmented reality whilst improving the design of the printed matter such as ticket and labels.