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Motion Graphics / AR Development

The design aims to challenge the functionality of a printed matter whilst communicating the essential roles of the museum in modern society. 

The graphics are the illustrated metaphors of the roles of museums. 


An open floor plan with free accessibility which is explained as the museum is changing to have a more friendly attitude towards all audiences with different education levels, age groups and working status. The melting glass box, suggests more engagement between the exhibit and the audiences is encouraged through interactive designs and curation design. The empty label refers to the idea of museum audience is becoming an information browser and partial reader, who tend to consume information in their free choice.  The Mirrors surround the object and the platforms with different height both suggesting that visiting a museum is a way to see the world in different perspectives and be able to reflect those insightful thoughts into their own life.


“As a designer in the process of exhibition design, I see myself as a translator.” A translator is a role not about saying the most beautiful words from yourself, but to transmit someone else’s message accurately in an appropriate channel and hence achieve effective communication.