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Information Design / Editorial Design / 3D Design

信息设计 / 画册设计 / 三维设计

Project Background / 项目背景

Since we moved into the digital age, information overload has become a negative social phenomenon affecting people’s day-to-day life. We passively consume an excessive quantity of information daily, triggering information anxiety to form. As we receiving information chronically and callously, without actual understanding and the process of exploring and thinking independently, it leads to an ever-wider gap between information and knowledge.


Project Concept / 项目概念

The design aims to encourage users to switch from browsing information to exploring actively and dig deeper. From the experiencing process, integrate user’s operation into the formation of data, hence drive new creations to form and reveal different angles of understanding the physical world.

Starting from the extraction of raw data generated during the interaction between the user and the object, incorporating the Noam Chomsky’s language of construction, the deep structure representing meaning, and the surface structure being the actual sentence we see, hence visualising the information through a virtual 3D model.



Research + Experiment / 研究 + 实验

Design Outcomes /