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Visual Translation

Web Design / Coding / Publication Design

The project is inspired by the mechanism of translating information, which was suggested by Claude Shannon ("A Mathematical Theory of Communication"). From Shannon's viewpoint, information does not exist without processing. Linking to the communication between individuals, we express the messages through different mediums, such as verbal language, texting or body languages. During the transmission of information, the production of noise and disruption to the original message can lead to misunderstanding. As the original information is translated in an abstract way, I designed translation tools that produce noise from the input information and different outcomes.


网页设计 / 编程 / 出版物设计



This publication is designed based on the translation tool developed by p5.js. I experimented with using shapes and color only to translate a Haiku (a form of Japanese poem) from Masaoka Shiki and communicate the imagery narrative that was described in the Haiku.


Riso-printed Publication and Poster Design

148 x 210 mm

594 x 297 mm